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The Best After School Snacks for Your Kids

Most children come home from school ravenous, and many parents struggle to find snacks that will fill them up and taste good, too. Many snack products that are available in supermarkets are high in sugar, which is bad news for teeth as well as for general health.

The great news is that healthy snack choices are much better for your child's health as well as for their teeth, and will also help them to feel fuller for longer, so they can make it until dinnertime! Choose foods from the following groups, and don't forget to vary them to promote different tastes and keep your child interested.

Healthy After School Snack Ideas:

  1. Fruit and vegetables. Tempt your child with slices of orange, melon and pineapple after a busy day, or prepare some sticks of cucumber and carrot for them to nibble as they get their homework done or chat to you about their day. Try to avoid giving too much dried fruit, as this is high in concentrated sugar.
  2. Grains. Pick healthy options if you're going for grains, and try not to offer sweet treats such as cakes and biscuits every day. These are best kept as an occasional treat, and children should be encouraged to brush their teeth after eating them. Plain bagels, unsweetened cereals and unbuttered popcorn are all good snacks for filling up without damaging your teeth!
  3. Dairy products. Cheese has a great balancing effect in the mouth and some cheeses, such as cheddar and Swiss cheese, help to trigger the flow of saliva, which washes food particles away from teeth. Offering cheese or milk as well as fruit can be a good way to do your child's teeth a favour while giving them a nutrition boost, too.
  4. Nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds contain a lot of protein and are very good options for teeth. Serving a mix of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and experimenting to see which nuts your child likes best can be good ways to encourage your child to eat these healthy options.

Caring for Your Child's Teeth

The most important way to care for your child's teeth is to encourage a healthy oral hygiene routine from an early age. You should help your child to brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day, and supervise brushing until they are brushing well independently - usually around the age of six.

Teaching your child the importance of good dental hygiene will be invaluable to them as they grow older, and regular visits to the dentist from an early age are essential. Modeling good dental hygiene is the best way to promote good habits, so ensure that you care for your own teeth well - and make sure that your child sees you doing so!

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