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Is There A Cure For Sensitive Teeth?

If you have sensitive teeth, you’ll know how painful this can be, and you’ll be aware of how frustrating it feels to have to avoid hot or cold foods and drinks in order to avoid the sensations. However, there are several ways to improve the condition, and our quick guide might help you to solve the problem.

Talk to us at Guiney Dental Clinic for more information about caring for your teeth and brushing most effectively, and we’ll be happy to share ideas on pro-tecting against damage to teeth and gums. Getting into good dental hygiene rou-tines at a young age is a very important way to improve your dental health throughout your life, so it is a good idea to teach your child about positive brush-ing habits from the start.

What To Do If You Have Sensitive Teeth:

  1. Find out why. If you have sensitive teeth, this is often the result of dam-aged enamel. However, it can also be a sign that there is something else wrong, such as gum disease, a cracked tooth or damaged filling, or shrinking/receding gums.
  2. Speak to your dentist. Your dentist is the expert on all things tooth-related, so discuss your situation with him or her and benefit from experience. You may find that toothpaste for sensitive teeth is recommended in your case, or fluoride gel, fillings or sealants that cover exposed areas and roots, desensitising pastes that the dentist can prescribe or even a root canal. Over-the-counter remedies may not be safe to use in every situa-tion, and could cause even more damage, so be sure to seek professional advice before using any of these.
  3. Don’t grind your teeth. Grinding your teeth can wear away tooth enamel, and this usually worsens over time. If you grind your teeth as a result of stress, try to address the stress in your life and your health will benefit as well as your teeth! You may find a splint or mouth guard helpful if grind-ing your teeth is a habit or you do it in your sleep.
  4. Stop whitening treatments. We all want white teeth, but if you’ve been us-ing whitening treatments for a long time, especially over-the-counter treatments that are often not recommended by dentists, you may have sustained damage from bleaching chemicals. You should talk to your dentist about any products you have been using, and check out safe al-ternatives.
  5. Reduce acidic foods and drinks. Your diet has a big impact on your dental health, and snacks such as sweets and fizzy drinks can attack and dam-age the enamel on your teeth. Try eating fruits and vegetables and cheese to help balance the acids in your mouth, and increase saliva that helps to keep the mouth clean.

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