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Dental Accidents: What To Do?

Witnessing an accident is always distressing, especially if your child is involved, but knowing what to do in an emergency can make a big difference to the way you act under pressure and the outcomes for those who are injured.

Dental emergencies and accidents involving teeth can be very dramatic, particu-larly since there is usually a great deal of blood if the mouth is wounded. However, the good news is that this area also heals very quickly and there are simple steps you can take to avoid long term damage.

What To Do If A Tooth Is Knocked Out Or Chipped:

You can help to prevent damage to your teeth by wearing a mouthguard if you play contact sports and by avoiding chewing ice, popcorn kernels or hard sweets that can crack teeth. However, it is not so easy to avoid accidents and falls, and it can help to be aware of the following tips in case you are in this situation.

  1. Keep calm. It can be very difficult to stay calm in an emergency but the outcomes for the patient are likely to be better if you do. Take a moment to breathe deeply, and establish whether you need to call an ambulance or can travel to hospital yourselves or treat at home. Comfort the patient and reassure him or her, and use blankets or extra clothing to ensure that he or she is warm enough.
  2. Protect teeth that have come out. If one or more of the adult teeth has be-come completely detached in the accident, it is still possible to reattach these in some cases. The best thing to do is to ensure that you do not touch the root of the tooth, rinse any dirt from it and hold it gently in the correct place while you travel to hospital or to see a dentist. If it is not pos-sible to hold it in place in the mouth, you should put the tooth into a glass of milk and take it with you to seek medical help. If a milk tooth is dis-lodged, you should not try to replace this in the mouth in case you cause damage to the developing bud of the permanent tooth underneath.
  3. See a Dentist straight away. If someone has sustained damage to the mouth or teeth, it is important to seek advice from a dentist as soon as possible. If a tooth has been displaced, chipped or dislodged, you should see a dentist within 30 minutes if you can. A displaced tooth may be gen-tly moved back into its normal position with light finger pressure and held there with a clean, damp cloth or gauze.

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