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Dental Decay In Under Fives

Dental decay is becoming more and more common in children under the age of five, and thousands of young children each year are having decayed baby teeth removed. This is a worrying trend that is believed to be linked to high sugar diets, which can be more damaging to baby teeth than adult teeth as they have thinner enamel which provides less protection from bacteria.

If you are worried about your child’s teeth or gums, you should see an experienced dentist as soon as possible to find out what can be done to help. There are many simple measures you can take to improve your child’s dental health, and you can talk to us at Guiney Dental Clinic for more information.

Top Tips For Children’s Teeth

  1. Be selective with treats. All children love treats, especially on special occasions, but by choosing your treats carefully you can avoid damaging teeth. Try to opt for a variety of different foods, and encourage children to enjoy an interesting diet rather than choosing very sugary snacks every time.
  2. Swap out fizzy drinks. Fizzy drinks are especially bad for teeth, as they contain very high amounts of sugars and other additives. It is a good idea to cut out fizzy drinks altogether, and if you encourage your children to drink fresh water from a young age, they will always see this as normal.
  3. Don’t eat too much fruit. Fruit is naturally high in sugar, and while this is less damaging to teeth than sweets, it is still a culprit for causing tooth decay over time. Some experts suggest eating a piece of cheese with fruit to lessen the harmful acidic effects, and others encourage swapping some fruit snacks for vegetables to reduce the risk of tooth decay.
  4. Encourage good habits. Brushing teeth twice a day is the best way to prevent tooth decay, and this should be done with the help of an adult until at least the age of six. There are many helpful apps that can encourage good brushing habits, and children can also learn to floss their teeth to keep gums healthy.
  5. Visit the dentist. Regular dental check ups are vital to monitor the way teeth are developing, and starting to visit the dentist from an early age will reduce dental anxiety and improve dental health. Begin by taking your child to your own check ups, and gradually introduce the idea of sitting in the chair and taking a turn of their own.

Do You Need A Dentist In Ballincollig?

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