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Get Kids Brushing With Dental Apps And Games

Encouraging children to get into good oral hygiene habits from an early age can help them to have great dental health for life. For many families, however, the twice daily chore of tooth brushing becomes a battleground, and parents struggle to come up with ever more inventive ways of encouraging it.

Reward charts, timers and synchronized brushing can all help, but one new technique that is taking the parenting world by storm is the use of apps to encourage children to brush their teeth. Not only does the job get done, but the whole family has a great time doing it!

The Best Children's Apps and Games for Tooth Brushing

There are many new apps that aim to encourage children to get into healthy habits with their teeth, and we've been looking at some of these to help point you in the direction of the best. We think that apps and games can be a great way to put the fun factor into dental hygiene, and to learn lifelong habits for healthy teeth and gums.

Let us know if you've found another app that works well for your family!

  1. KidsDental. Information is power, and this app puts the kids in charge! Packed with fascinating facts about teeth, this great app allows your children to keep track of their own teeth as well as finding out about dental conditions and how to keep teeth in great shape.
  2. Brush. This is a great app for a child who doesn't always spend the right amount of time brushing their teeth. More than just a timer, children (and adults) can be guided in how to brush each section of their teeth and give their mouth a really good clean.
  3. Kids' Dental Health. If your children need a little motivation to get their teeth shining, try this app that creates a game of learning about dental health and finding out how to brush teeth properly.
  4. StarTeeth. This is an inexpensive and fun app, designed to teach children the art of a thorough tooth brushing session. This is a really good app for children who are just learning to brush their own teeth.
  5. Colgate Kids Corner. This is a free website that offers many age-appropriate games for children that aim to familiarize them with dental health and the art of correct tooth brushing.

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