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Healthy Teeth, Happy Kids! Advice on When to Start Bringing Your Children to the Dentist…and What to Expect When You Go!

From the moment that your baby develops their first tooth, it’s important to start establishing a dental routine for them, to help get them used to the process of caring for their teeth.

Initially, this will be a simple case of offering them a special soft-bristled brush, ideally one specially designed for babies, and allowing them to put it in their mouth, in order to get used to the sensation. As they get older (and get more teeth), you can start introducing a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, suitable for younger children, to help with cleaning.

When Should You Start Taking Your Child to the Dentist?

It’s really important to take your child to the dentist as early as possible, in order to remove any sense of fear or mystery associated with having their teeth examined. It’s not necessary, from a strictly health-related perspective, to take them before they develop teeth; however, you may want to book a ‘practice appointment’, to allow them to experience what being at a dentist is like.

When their teeth first start to appear, it’s advisable to book an appointment, in order to allow the dentist to check that all teeth are coming through properly. A qualified dentist will also be able to offer you practical advice, in terms of caring for your child’s teeth, and helping ease teething pain!

What Can You and Your Child Expect When You Visit the Dentist?

A child’s appointment with the dentist is very different to an adult’s. If you’re panicking at the prospect of your young one remaining still whilst your dentist attempts to prise open their jaws; then don’t panic, in reality the experience is absolutely nothing like this.

Your dentist will appreciate that children struggle to sit still for extended periods of time. As a result, they’ll be used to seizing the opportunity whenever they can to have a peek at the teeth, and they’ll also be well versed in techniques to encourage your child to open their mouths. You may be invited to hold your child’s hand in order to offer additional comfort and reassurance, and in some cases, the dentist may also want to clean the teeth, in order to remove any plaque or tartar build-up.

In the early years of your child’s development, the predominant focus will be upon helping them to get used to the surroundings, and encouraging them to see the dentist in a positive, rather than negative light.

Finding the Right Dentist in Ireland for Your Child

If you’re looking for a reputable dentist in Ireland, specifically one that is used to working with children and knows how to put them at their ease, then talk to Freda Guiney at Guiney Dental.  Freda was given the prestigious award of ‘Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year’; in recognition of her considerable skills in helping to make nervous or anxious patients feel more comfortable in the dentist’s chair.  Based in Ballincollig, Cork, Guiney Dental are trained to ensure excellent dental health for your child. To get in contact, simply click here.

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