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Smile with Confidence: How to Keep Your Teeth White and Healthy

Are you one of those people who deliberately cover their mouth whenever a camera is pointing in their direction? Does the mere idea of a smiling ‘selfie’ fill you with dread? If this sounds like you, you’re certainly not alone. Many people in Ireland feel self-conscious about the state of their teeth; some to the point where they would rather not smile at all than risk showing their not-so-pearly whites to the world.

White (Or Not So White) Teeth: The Facts

Teeth can lose their naturally white colour for a number of reasons. For some individuals, it’s a regrettable matter of genes; they’re simply not blessed with fresh, white teeth. For others, lifestyle choices could be to blame. Smoking and certain types of food and drink all contribute to discolouration. Likewise, the older you get, the more likely your teeth are to lose their natural gleam.

Taking Action: How to Keep Teeth White and Healthy

If you’re fed up with having a dull, discoloured smile, then it’s time to take action. Here are a few things you can do to help make your teeth beautifully white once more:

  1. Teeth whitening treatment. If your teeth are really discoloured, the best solution is professional teeth whitening treatment. This simple, straightforward treatment, performed at your local dentist in Ballincollig, is particularly successful when used on yellow teeth, but has a noticeable effect on most types of discolouration. To find out more, talk to your dentist.
  2. Watch what food you eat. As a general rule, the darker the food is, the more likely it is that it will stain your teeth. Red wine, dark chocolate and black tea are all serious offenders when it comes to discolouring teeth, as are colas, dark sauces and juices. Don’t feel that you have to cut these out of your diet entirely, but make sure you limit them in order to help protect your teeth.
  3. Cut the smoking. You’ve probably heard it before, but smoking offers zero benefits to your health, and this includes the health of your teeth, gums and mouth. In fact, smoking is linked to mouth cancer; an even better reason for quitting the habit for good. Smoking is also one of the number one causes of brown, stained teeth.
  4. Brush morning and evening, and get flossing! Establishing good dental hygiene seriously improves your chances of keeping teeth white and healthy. Don’t brush too hard, as this can actually damage the natural enamel of the tooth.
  5. Don’t use your teeth as tools! Once teeth are damaged, they’re at a high risk of becoming discoloured. Tempting though it is to use your teeth as a handy bottle opener for your beer, the results are simply not worth it.

Teeth Whitening at Your Local Dental Practice in Ballincollig, Cork

If you want to find out how you can return natural whiteness to your smile, simply get in contact with Guiney Dental Practice in Ballincollig, Cork today.

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