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Is Oral Health Related To Cognitive Decline?

Recent studies suggest that there may be a link between the frequency of oral health problems and cognitive impairments, in particular, in elderly people with dementia. This suggests a worrying connection between cognitive decline and oral health, and it is a finding that may have a serious impact on dental care across the world.

With an ever-increasing elderly population, cognitive impairments such as dementia are more common than ever, and research suggests that this could be connected to dental health. Some studies dispute this finding, but with so many proven and suspected health benefits associated with good dental hygiene, it's worth considering whether you can make any changes to your current dental hygiene routine to benefit your physical and mental health.

Protect Your Teeth And Gums To Stay Healthy:

Researchers suggest that many oral health indicators can be seen to reflect the risk of dementia or other forms of cognitive decline. Keeping your mouth, gums and teeth healthy can only be a positive thing, and we recommend the following as a minimum:

  1. Regular brushing. Brushing twice daily is vital to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, and you should brush the gums as well as the surfaces of the teeth. Use a brush that is the correct size for your mouth, and do not be tempted by a hard or large brush that could damage the delicate tissues in your mouth. Talk to your dentist about the best toothpaste for you, as medicated toothpastes are recommended for some patients.
  2. Flossing. Food and bacteria can easily build up between the teeth, causing plaque, and it is a good idea to floss on a daily basis. If you do not know how to floss properly, or it causes you pain, talk to your dental hygienist to find the best solution for you.
  3. A good diet. What we eat is extremely important to our oral health, and processed foods and refined sugars can be particularly detrimental. Eating a good, balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables can help you to prevent problems with your teeth and gums, and can ensure better general health, too.
  4. Regular visits to the dentist. You should visit your dentist at least once a year, to maintain your oral health and identify any potential problems quickly. Your dentist will help you to take care of your teeth by showing you how to brush correctly, and can take regular x-rays to ensure that your teeth and gums remain in good health.

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