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Orthodontic Treatment at Guiney Dental Practice

If you want to improve the appearance of your smile and enjoy straighter, more even teeth, then talk to Guiney Dental Practice in Cork today. Our in-house specialist orthodontist, Dr Ciara O Neill, is available for consultations on Thursdays.

Dr Ciara (BDS, MSc, MOrth, RCS, Ed) has worked as a specialist orthodontist for a number of years, and has trained in Chicago, the USA and Edinburgh. When you visit Ciara for a consultation, she’ll focus on customising the treatment to your exact requirements, whilst maintaining the health of your teeth and gums in the long-term.

She welcomes patients of all ages.


Invisible or Cosmetic Braces

If you want to experience straighter teeth, but don’t want to wear metal braces, we have the answer!


Invisible, or cosmetic braces, consist of a series of thin, clear plastic ‘gumshields’, which fit over your existing teeth and straighten them gently over a period of time. They’re comfortable to wear and really effective for minor tooth movements. We also fit tooth coloured attachments (brackets), which allow you to have fixed braces for more extensive treatments, without the unsightly metal appearance.

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Fast Braces & Prices

Fast braces

If you just want to straighten your top front teeth, Guiney Dental can help! We can do this remarkably quickly, sometimes in as little as 6 months

Treatment fees

Orthodontic treatment, due to the extensive time and effort involved, can be fairly expensive. However, at Guiney Dental, you can spread the costs, with tailor-made instalment payment options available.

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