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Pain in Your Wisdom Teeth: Signs and Symptoms

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that come into your mouth, usually between the ages of 17 and 21, and are known as the third molars. Many people do not have room for these teeth in their mouths, so they are often the cause of pain and irritation. Around 85% of adults will eventually have their wisdom teeth removed, often because they are impacted (blocked as they erupt through the gums), or crooked.

Dentists are usually very vigilant as the wisdom teeth are emerging and will be the first port of call if any problems arise, but it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms that something may be wrong with your wisdom teeth so that you can seek help if you need it.

Signs of Problems with Your Wisdom Teeth

If you're not in pain, you might not be aware of problems with your wisdom teeth developing, so it's important to keep alert to the following signs:

  • Discomfort where a tooth is emerging at an awkward angle and rubbing against your tongue or the inside of your cheek.
  • An infection in the area where a wisdom tooth has partially emerged.
  • Stiffness in the jaw or pain in the wisdom teeth.
  • Problems with tooth decay or gum disease, which may develop if it is not possible to clean teeth effectively where wisdom teeth are erupting.
  • Teeth shifting due to overcrowding in the mouth.

What Will My Dentist Do About Problems With My Wisdom Teeth?

Your dentist will probably take extra x-rays to see your wisdom teeth clearly and determine the best ways to solve the problems for you. Visiting an experienced, professional dentist such as the practitioners at Guiney Dental Clinic guarantees you that your concerns will be listened to, as your dentist will consider your unique situation and will talk to you about the options available to you. Many people have their wisdom teeth removed, and your dentist will discuss the possibility of this with you, including the options for anesthesia if you choose this route.

If you have an infection in your wisdom teeth, it can help to rinse your mouth with warm salt water to cleanse and heal sore tissues where the teeth are erupting. Simply dissolve half a teaspoonful of salt in a glass of warm water and swill around your mouth, holding over the area that is sore, before spitting out. You may also find that over-the-counter pain relieving medicines help to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing and ease the pain in your mouth.

Talk to Your Ballincollig Dentist About Your Wisdom Teeth

If you're experiencing any problems with your teeth, including your wisdom teeth, consult our friendly and professional Dentists in Ballincollig. For excellent dental advice and treatment, call Guiney Dental today on 021-481 0535.

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