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Sensitive Teeth: What Can Help?

Sensitive teeth can be very painful and can make eating, drinking or brushing your teeth a very unpleasant experience. Teeth may become sensitive if gums recede, or if tooth enamel is worn down or cracked, and the problem may become worse if damage becomes more extensive over time.

Sensitive teeth can also result from dental work, and if you have had a new filling or a whitening procedure, you may find that your teeth become temporarily more sensitive. It is also possible that sinus pain and allergies can make teeth feel more sensitive at certain times.

How Can I Relieve Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth can make everyday tasks very difficult, and it's important to seek treatment when you can to ensure that the problem does not become worse. Here are some ideas for you to try if you are experiencing sensitive teeth:

  1. Try another toothpaste. Most stores stock huge ranges of toothpaste, and some contain abrasives that can be damaging to your teeth. Whitening toothpastes, or tartar control toothpastes, can cause teeth to become sensitive due to the harsh ingredients they contain, and you may wish to try desensitizing toothpaste or a simpler brand to see if this eases the problem.
  2. Try a different toothbrush. Using a toothbrush with hard bristles can be damaging to your mouth and to the enamel on your teeth. You should be sure to use a soft toothbrush and to brush thoroughly but gently, cleaning your teeth without putting too much pressure on them.
  3. Floss daily. Flossing in between your teeth helps to remove debris and plaque from the surfaces of the teeth. If this is not removed, the enamel of the teeth can become damaged, increasing the risk of sensitive teeth. Ensuring that you floss every day can help to create a clean and hygienic environment in your mouth.
  4. Eat less acidic and sugary foods. Foods that are very acidic or sugary can be harmful to the enamel on your teeth, and you may find that reducing these, or cutting them out altogether, allows your teeth to heal and become less sensitive.
  5. See your dentist. Problems with your teeth can occasionally be indicators of other health problems, and you should visit your dentist to rule these out if your teeth continue to feel sensitive for more than a couple of days.

Find a Great Family Dentist in Ballincollig

Good dental care is essential for the whole family, and finding a dentist you can trust to take care of your children's teeth is very important. You should be able to talk through your concerns with your dentist and dental hygienist, and feel reassured that they will provide great dental care for your children and for you.

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