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Could Sugar Tax Improve Ireland’s Dental Health?

Here in Ireland, as in almost every other country in the World, we are consuming more sugar than ever before, and this has serious implications for our dental health as well as our general health and fitness. Coupled with a decline in funding for dental care that has resulted in rising hospital admissions for severe dental health problems, this looks like a crisis in dental health that calls for ef-fective action.

Experts believe that the introduction of the new ‘sugar tax’ could help to curb this problem, since the spotlight is turned on the harm that sugary foods can do, but they are also calling for this tax to be directed towards dental health care, targeting it to help resolve the current crisis.

Top Tips To Lessen Sugar Damage:

If the idea of adopting a sugar free diet sends you into a spin, don’t despair! There are many ways to reduce the harmful effects of sugar on your teeth and some of these are very simple. We advise the following:

  1. Eat sweets only after a meal. If you eat sweets throughout the day, and do not brush your teeth afterwards, the sugars will sit on your teeth almost constantly and this will have a very damaging effect. Instead, eat your daily allowance of sweets with your main meal to reduce the effect of iso-lated sugars, and brush teeth 30 minutes later.
  2. Swap high sugar foods. You may be surprised by the levels of sugar in the the foods you con-sume on a daily basis. Did you know, for example, that a 200ml Fruit Shoot drink contains almost five teaspoons of sugar? Swapping some of these foods and drinks for sugar free alternatives can dramatically reduce your sugar intake and that’s great news for your teeth. Be careful to check labels, however, as some manufacturers have swapped sugar for artificial sweeteners and additives that may cause even more harm than the sugar itself.
  3. Maintain dental hygiene. Whatever you eat, your teeth are much more likely to be healthy if you take care of them. Don’t be tempted to neglect your brushing and flossing, and ensure you brush for two minutes twice a day for maximum effect. Ask your dentist or dental hygienist to show you how to brush and floss most effectively, and always seek help from a professional if you have any concerns about your dental health.

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