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What Should I Do If a Tooth is Knocked Out?

A gleaming smile is something that many people highlight as a desirable feature in others, but what if a tooth gets knocked out? It is fairly common for children and adults to knock teeth out in accidents or falls and it is useful to know what you can do to prevent further damage and, if possible, avoid losing teeth permanently.

Many accidents involving tooth loss occur while playing sports or in car accidents, and taking precautions can avoid this problem. Wearing a mouthguard, or a helmet with face protector, can be a great way to reduce the risk of injuries to the mouth and it is another good reason for always ensuring that you have fastened your seatbelt when travelling by car.

A knock to the mouth can be extremely painful and distressing, especially as the soft tissues in this area tend to bleed heavily. Knocking a tooth out can come as a great shock, and even in an emergency situation it is important to keep calm and deal with the tooth loss as gently as possible.

How to Help When a Tooth is Knocked Out?

  1. Who has lost a tooth? If it is a young child who has knocked his or her tooth out, do not try to re-implant the tooth as this could damage the permanent teeth that are developing in the gums. If it is an adult, you must act quickly to have a chance of saving the tooth.

  2. Locate the tooth. Find the tooth as quickly as you can and rinse it in milk, if possible. Then place it carefully back into the socket in the gum from which it has been knocked, and hold it there for several minutes.

  3. Take great care. You must only handle the tooth by the crown – do not touch the root at any time.

  4. See a professional. If you cannot re-implant the tooth yourself, or you have done so but need medical attention, travel to a Dentist immediately. If the tooth is not in the correct place, store it under your tongue or in milk. Your tooth may be splinted to the adjacent teeth, to ensure it re-implants successfully, and you may need root canal treatment.

  5. Don’t despair! It can be worrying and upsetting, not to mention painful, when a tooth is knocked out. If your tooth is kept moist and re-implanted quickly, you may experience no further problems. However, even if it is impossible to save the tooth, there are excellent cosmetic solutions available, which will be explored after the swelling and injury have healed.

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