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Why Do Some People Dread The Dentist?

Going to the dentist is often listed as an experience that people dread, and there are several reasons for this. Missing out on good dental care, however, can lead to many health problems including cancer, heart disease and cognitive decline. Some dental health issues may also indicate health concerns that can be treated if discovered early, so it is very important not to put off visiting your dentist.

Many people experience lifelong anxieties about visiting a dentist, and these fears are often passed on to children who see their parents worrying. Most dentists will be happy to talk to you about your concerns, and will be keen to alleviate any fears that children may have picked up on to ensure that their dental care is not compromised.

Why Do People Avoid Visiting The Dentist?

  1. Phobia of the dentist. Many people experience phobic feelings about visiting the dentist, and this is often due to parental modeling or a previous bad experience. Finding a dentist that listens to your concerns and talks you through the process can help to overcome dental phobia and create positive experiences of visiting the dentist.
  2. Financial reasons. Unfortunately, the cost of visiting the dentist can be prohibitive, especially since most people are advised to visit every 6-12 months. However, discovering problems early on will be much cheaper than allowing them to worsen, so regular visits can be seen as a cost effective way to reduce your overall medical costs.
  3. Negative stereotypes. Dentists are often demonized in children’s books and films, and this is likely to cause readers and viewers to feel anxious about visiting their dental professionals. Reminding yourself or your child that these stereotypes are not based on fact can be helpful, as can talking through your worries with your dentist.
  4. Time constraints. Life is very busy for most people, and self-care often slips down the list of priorities. Creating a healthy routine for children involves showing them the importance of regular dental visits as well as good oral hygiene and routines at home
  5. Incorrect assumptions. Many people believe that certain things, such as bleeding gums, are normal, and therefore they do not seek help from their dentist when these occur. However, bleeding gums can be an early sign of periodontal disease and this can lead to serious problems for your teeth and gums. Visiting your dentist helps you to stay well informed about how to keep your teeth looking great.

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